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Intro to Watercolour Painting Digital Zine.PDF

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Intro to Watercolour Painting Digital Zine.PDF

Joey Toadstool's Zine Club
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I am beyond excited to share my “Watercolour Painting For Beginners“ Zine! This is a single-page zine FILLED TO THE MARGINS with my best advice for someone wanting to begin painting with watercolour paints and pigments!

This zine features:

* My top 5 watercolour painting tips from over 3 years of personal experience

* 2 basic, but essential watercolour painting techniques

* A materials list of everything (and nothing extra) you need to get started.

* The inside cover of the zine opens up to display a diagram of how I lay out my supplies for the least amount of mess and accidents, perfect for beginners!

A peek:

My Top 5 Watercolour painting tips:

1. Very quickly, swirl your brush in a figure-eight motion to clean your brushes the fastest. Do not smush your brushes at the bottom!

2. Allow your paint to dry out; you can reactivate them with water to use them again!

3. Clean your pallets with your brush and cup of water you already have out...

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